Do You Want (More) Leads/Sales?

Do You Want (More) Leads/Sales?

Used well, Facebook and Twitter can be extremely beneficial to any business.

But it's time consuming and onerous.  You have to reply to messages, you have to have fresh content and sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day. That's where I come in.

I have years of experience as a Social Media Consultant, working for clients whose followers have increased from 1K to 10K in 3 short years.  It's not an easy task, and you have to be available at all hours of the day/night to truly connect with your audience.

I can be your passport to increased sales.

READ ON for full details of my prices .  

Please note  that if you require something a bit different that I've not listed in any of the packages, we can talk.  I'm always happy to work with you to get the very best deal for YOU.

Oh, and 'why monkeys?' I hear you cry!  Our ancestors are hugely social and I just love the image it creates.